How Kids Learning Languages Can Help Them In Academics

In schools across India, a common system of having a main language medium is followed, be it English, Hindi or Kannada. However, a lot of schools also offer an option of learning another language along with the official one, and it’s in your child’s best interest to take it up. Learning a new language is not simply a fun hobby, it has been proven to affect a lot of other aspects of one’s life, particularly on the academic and career front.

Let us first lay down the basics; as your child learns a language apart from their mother-tongue, their literacy skills will improve vastly in all the languages they know. Yes, not just in the one they’re learning! This is because learning and struggling in a new language will make them truly think about the nuances of language and use it more carefully.

A direct by-product of learning a new language is improved communication skills, where they will be able to understand and co-operate with their peers and teachers better. Even if they already excel at the commonly used language, their ability will improve even more. In addition to that, if your child ever comes across a peer who is not that capable in the common language, it would help to be able to communicate in a different one. Improved communication skills would thus also enhance their social life and general cohesiveness. This too would greatly benefit them in the academic field when it comes to community related assignments, such as group projects, class trips and the like.

Additionally, children who possess the ability to understand more than one language have been proven to be better at multi-tasking. Where bilinguals are constantly having to choose the appropriate language to talk or respond in, they perform what is known as “mental gymnastics”, which stretches their brain span and improves their ability to focus their attention. This benefit even shows up fast; research has shown that even babies less than a year old develop different cognitive patterns compared to monolingual babies. The ability to be multi-task (and be good at it) is one that would come in extremely handy for any child, not only in an academic sense, but for the rest of their life.

Creative thinking is something we all aim to inspire in our children, and what if I told you that learning another language could boost that too? Bilingual people have been shown to be better at problem solving and thinking out of the box. This is because they are able to view the world through different lenses, and thus consider multiple viewpoints to an issue before arriving at a well thought out solution. Particularly in an academic sense, creative thinking is something that is highly encouraged in every child and would surely take yours very far in life.

Even if we were to think beyond academic reasons, the benefits of learning languages are endless. Your child’s future career prospects automatically increase with their ability to speak in any languages more than just one. It has also been proven that people who know multiple languages tend to earn higher salaries than people who don’t, as they’re placed at higher positions of trust and responsibility.

As you can see, the benefits of anyone, not just your kids, learning languages know no bounds, and it certainly helps matters that kids’ brains are able to absorb new matter the quickest and with ease. At Excelsior CodeAcademy we believe that instilling a love for languages in children from a young age reaps benefits for years to come. They become more confident, sure-footed and able to express themselves freely without hesitation. Apart from our programs to tech kids STEM subjects like Coding For Kids in Bangalore, we also encourage kids to develop language skills. 

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