Why Your Kid Should Participate In Google: Code To Learn

This may sound intimidating right from the get-go, many of us are unable to fully wrap our heads around the idea of children being able to comprehend the complex language of coding. However, coding is, as mentioned, a language. It is as easy as learning a new language, and as the saying implies, it’s easiest for a young dog to learn new tricks. To us, it’s hard to believe, but a kid’s brain absorbs and processes new and seemingly complex information quickly and easily.

Now, to get to the point, what is Google Code To Learn? Part of it is pretty self-explanatory, Code To Learn is a platform for students to learn and display their skills and abilities at coding. But more specifically, it is a competition where children studying in classes 5 to 12 can participate to develop things like games or apps. They can register through parents or teachers and submit projects on either Scratch or App Inventor.

This is a good means for your kid to participate in as it will not only teach them new skills, but will also teach them team-building skills and strategies. They can choose any open dataset or create their own to define a problem they want to work on, and train a pre-trained machine learning model to apply data to find an appropriate solution.

The 2018 winners of Google Code to Learn created powerful applications, including but not limited to; an app to dispose of electronic waste, a chat app for mental health wellness, and a learning app that makes learning language fun. The competition provides children with a way to explore their curiosity and inquisitiveness without any bounds, and to learn to use that to find solutions to real world problems using technology.

If this has convinced you, and you think you may want to now register your child for the competition, the registrations are now open for the 2019 edition, and students across India can submit their projects by 31st August, 2019. So, hopefully this sounds like something you’d want your child to participate in and broaden their horizons.

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