Lack Of Focus In Kids And How STEM Education Can Help

It’s a common fact of life that a child’s energy knows no bounds whatsoever. Unfortunately, this also means they find it a struggle to focus a lot of times, particularly on things they may not find riveting or stimulating.

This is where a solid STEM education comes into the picture. A STEM education incorporates science, technology, engineering and mathematics into a bundle in order to create a modern and inclusive learning experience.

In situations where children are unable to focus, you may have noticed that they usually shift their attention to something more colourful, attractive, and that they can play around with. Therefore, the goal of any parent is to teach their child valuable concepts in a way that not only grabs their attention, but holds it for an ample amount of time. This is precisely what a STEM program offers, since it’s completely immersive and hands-on learning, which keeps any child occupied.

Additionally, the idea of STEM education is that there is no pre-set or right way to teach a child those four principles, it can be done by any means related to the concepts. If your child is a curious cat, you could always take them to museums or galleries and show them around, thus teaching them in a way that not only satisfies their energy and curiosity, but will also stick with them for life because you introduced them to new sights and concepts instead of asking them to sit down and solve sums.

Impatience in particular is a common issue with children who find it difficult to focus; they prefer to get the work or studying out of the way and get straight to the play, which means that they neither complete the task well, nor do they understand or care much about the concept that is being taught through the task. This is another factor that a STEM education can help with, as the task can be presented in a way that will be seen as fun and playful to the child, such as using Legos or building blocks as a way of teaching them engineering concepts.

The reason STEM comes so highly recommended is because children have been proven to remember lessons better when they fully understand the concept, which is made easier for them through extremely practical and real-world examples. That is what makes it particularly valuable for children who struggle to focus, as they are able to grasp information better when it is packaged for them in this way.

Ultimately, the reason why STEM works even for children who tend to hate sitting still and focusing is because it really does not even have to be a sit-down lesson. You can ask your child to help you with cooking, and tell them about the food science involved, which is sure to fascinate them in a way that learning about chemicals that they haven’t seen or heard of before never will.

Finally, all of the above describes ways in which a STEM education will grab your child’s attention and keep it, but they are also things that will gradually improve a child’s attention span, and teach them to focus better, while also simultaneously making them more observational and intuitive. By teaching them through real-world, real-life lessons, we also train them to identify problems and find suitable solutions by themselves, thus making them able to focus on a problem for longer stretches of time and see it through to the end.

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