Two Teams from Excelsior CodeAcademy make it to the final round of WLRC!

Two Teams from Excelsior CodeAcademy make it to the final round of WLRC! Teams – Technowizards and Blockly Masters from Excelsior CodeAcademy have made it to the prestigious invitational round of the Wonder League Robotics Competition in the current season. This year witnessed a participation of over 7500 teams from 63 countries around the world and it would be modest to say that WLRC is one of the biggest robotics competitions around the world for under 12 category. An opportunity to compete in the final invitational round is a victory in itself, way to go teams!

WLRC has been coming forth with innovative and trying problem statements with each passing year. This year the problem statement was set in a newly discovered space island, with 3 missions to accomplish – Exploration, Search for evidence of life and the Planetary parade. Each mission further comprised of 3 challenges that tested the teams on code optimization, efficient attachment design, coherent narrative build-up, on-field challenges, etc. Each of the teams were in complete charge of planning, design, execution and documentation for all the 9 challenges, with minimal support from the coaches.

The hard work and perseverance portrayed by both the teams over the last 4 months has been commendable. Both the teams displayed champion qualities and in the end were deservingly recognized by the Wonder Workshop.

Both the teams scored a stupendous 2450 points out of 2500 points in the overall league round assessments and made it to the top 215 teams for the invitational round.

Currently both the teams are working hard on a new set of problems as a part of the invitational round, vying to grab the $5000 STEM grant for the best team under each category.

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