5 Reasons Why You should Teach Your Kids Python Right from an Early Age


Things are not the same the way they used to be. This could be a clichéd statement but clichés will stop being clichés when we adapt to new trends and evolve from within and outside. A couple of decades back, graduates were preferred for employment which soon evolved into a requirement of graduates with a Master’s degree. Then came technical skills into action, where preferences were given to those having first-hand exposure on shorthand writing, typing and more. When the computers came in, people with basic skills in computing were preferred that went on to recruit people with skills in spreadsheets, Tally and more.
But today, things are really different. With the advent of smartphones and handheld devices, every convention that was prevailing until the last decade has been broken. From marketing to education, everything has become digital and this has given rise to concepts like Big Data, where enormous amounts of data is generated every day and processed at the backend for better customer experience. Everything around us is turning programming language-centric and those who have in-depth knowledge and experience on coding can survive in any part of the world. With technologies like IoT, data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more becoming standard norms today, it is on us to make our kids industry-ready and prepare them for excellence. So, to help you understand this concern, here we have 5 reasons why you should teach your kids Python from an early age.

  1. Python is Easy to Learn
    We understand how much of a break down or refinement is needed to make the complexities of programming languages as simple as possible for kids to understand. But the truth is, Python is user-friendly, or kids-friendly for that matter and uses simple logic and even simpler syntax. Originally designed for beginners, it is renowned for the simplicity of the syntax of programming constructs and thus programs built on python are shorter than the ones developed using other programming languages. Once you completely learn Python, learning other languages becomes simple. 
  2. Python is Versatile
    For your kid to be versatile, the skill he or she is supposed to develop should be versatile as well. Python is one programming language that has influenced a myriad of industries and sort of revolutionized several of them. When it made its entry in the market almost two and a half decades back, little did people realize that Python would be such radical and disruptive. Today, it stands true to this statement where it is being applied in industries like

    •  Web development
    • Finance
    • Trading
    • Game and app development
    • Security and network architectures
    • Mathematical computing
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Science and Analytic

    By paving way for automation, Python has sparked changes in job roles of IT professionals as well. Thanks to this, instead of losing jobs, they can earn much more or switch to a more lucrative career by learning such specialized skills. Imagine if your kid is exposed to such limitless probabilities right from an early age!

  3. Python is a Top-10 Programming Language
    Ask any person from the IT industry on some of the best programming languages in the world and he or she would definitely list Python in the top 3. The technicalities involved in the working and built of the language are seamless and these are the reasons exactly why coders from around the world prefer to work on Python, making it one o the most commonly used programming languages in the world.
  4. The Ever-changing Job Market
    Like we mentioned, the job market is changing at a rapid pace and the skills that were in-demand and relevant last year are obsolete today. The layoffs of big tech companies in India are prime examples for this. That is why your kid needs to be versatile and develop a strong foundational skill that will allow him or her to move towards any career path or companies. Knowing programming languages, especially Python, is one such strong foundation, where your kid will be ready for any IT-related job and simultaneously take up niche responsibilities in industries like IoT, robotics, Big Data, analytics and more.
  5. The Phenomenal Demand for Python Programmers
    Not just in India, the demand for Python programmers is phenomenal. From the ventures based out of Silicon Valley to the high paying startups in Bengaluru, python programmers are in demand in equal measures. Companies are willing to go an extra mile to retain their Python programmers or invest more on getting new Python programmers.

We are sure these reasons are enough to get your kids started on a Python training course. The foundation for the world’s progress has been set and goes by the name data. The sooner your kids start working on this and get more exposure to such possibilities, the more excellent they would be.

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